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It is important to note that only IoDSA internal representatives will have access to view and search CV’s and any information provided will not be made accessible for general community searches.  Information provided in the Classification section and Privacy options will only impact our internal ability to segment our search options.

Proceed to the Classification Primary Category and additional categories selections will assist with a search if a particular skills set has been requested by Desired Position Type assists us if a recruiter has specified their desire for a particular gender or race, therefore please select the option based on your representivity

As the full CV search is not accessible to the broader member community, you may select no for the Privacy options marked with an asterix *

Proceed to upload your full CV as an attachment and then select the Submit my Resume/CV link.  Browse for your document and select upload

Once you have completed the fields, uploaded your CV and finalised your submission, you may edit your CV or the attachment at anytime by selecting the Edit My Resume/CV link at in the title bar

Your CV is now searchable by the IoDSA. By uploading your CV onto your online profile, you agree to the terms of use for this member benefit.  Please ensure that you have read and understood the process and terms of use for this benefit available on the IoDSA website and do not hesitate to contact us for telephonic assistance on 011 430 9900

Upload my resume online

upload my resume online


upload my resume onlineupload my resume onlineupload my resume onlineupload my resume online