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She has appeared on the Tyra Banks Show multiple times. This includes the time when Stowers along with Tyra Banks , Jaslene Gonzalez , Claire Unabia and Michael Bloomberg planted a tree on April 10 in New York City in honor of Earth Day which aired on April 30, 2008 and the Fiercee Awards along with past ANTM contestants that aired on May 14. [19] Stowers attended the premiere of Polanski Unauthorized , the Vavoom Upfront party with Caridee English and Jaslene Gonzalez , [ citation needed ] and the CW upfront Party celebrating the Cycle 10 finale with past ANTM alums. [20] Stowers also made an appearance in Robin Thicke 's music video clip " Sex Therapy " in 2009. On February 25, 2013, Stowers was cast as the daughter of Angie Hubbard ( Debbi Morgan ), Cassandra Foster on the Prospect Park 's continuation of All My Children , she made her debut on April 30, 2013. [21]

Tyra college essay

tyra college essay


tyra college essaytyra college essaytyra college essaytyra college essay