Thomas aquinas existence of god essay

St. Thomas Aquinas also uniquely addressed appropriate social behavior toward God. In so doing, he gave his ideas a contemporary—some would say timeless—everyday context. Thomas believed that the laws of the state were, in fact, a natural product of human nature, and were crucial to social welfare. By abiding by the social laws of the state, people could earn eternal salvation of their souls in the afterlife, he purported. St. Thomas Aquinas identified three types of laws: natural, positive and eternal. According to his treatise, natural law prompts man to act in accordance with achieving his goals and governs man's sense of right and wrong; positive law is the law of the state, or government, and should always be a manifestation of natural law; and eternal law, in the case of rational beings, depends on reason and is put into action through free will, which also works toward the accomplishment of man's spiritual goals.

Topics of Thomistic Interest

  • Christian Philosophy : Finding philosophy in the thought of a 13th c. Christian theologian.
  • Philosophy of Nature
    • Natural Philosophy Principles
      • Substance and Accident
      • The Problem of Change
      • The Four Causes
    • Natural Philosophy and Chemical Processes.
  • Psychology
    • Body and Soul
    • Psychic Powers
      • Vegetative soul.
      • Sensitive soul.
      • Knowledge in General
      • Appetite in General
      • Specific sense appetitive powers
      • Rational Knowledge (Intellect)
      • Rational Appetite (Will)
    • Identity of Knower and Known
  • Metaphysics
    • What is Metaphysics?
    • Designating the Subject Matter of Metaphysics
    • Essence and Existence
    • Knowledge and Love
  • Philosophy of Religion
    • Natural Theology
    • Aquinas on the Existence of God
    • Web Resources on the Five Ways
    • Knowing the Immanence/ Transendence of God
    • Angels
    • The Best of All Possible Worlds
    • The Problem of Evil
  • Ethics
    • Natural Law
    • Freedom of the Will
    • Virtues
    • Justice
  • Political Theory
    • Human Law
    • Rights
    • Tolerance
  • Thomistic Humor Page
Quodlibital Questions
  • St. Augustine
  • The Biblical God and the Thomistic God
  • Capital Punishment
  • Conscience
  • Cosmological Arguments for God's Existence
  • Dualism
  • Euthanasia
  • God and Evil
  • Good and Evil
  • Heavenly Bodies
  • Human Law
  • Knowing God
  • Logic
  • Moral Relativism
  • Ontology
  • Resurrected and Spiritual Bodies
  • Robots
  • Science
  • Women
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Thomas aquinas existence of god essay

thomas aquinas existence of god essay


thomas aquinas existence of god essaythomas aquinas existence of god essaythomas aquinas existence of god essaythomas aquinas existence of god essay