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So we had a developer create wordpress blog who i believe used this exact code to create profile fields for our users, I am trying to take this now a step further. The two custom fields we have are Location and Program, where the user can indicate where they are and what program they are with. I am trying to create a page that filters on these two fields, so for all the users who have Rome, Italy it will return all the bloggers who have this. Or if someone clicks on a Program title it will filter all the users who have that program name. Can anyone help me get started on how to accomplish this?

The loop is perhaps the most powerful part of your WordPress theme. It starts with a query (which determines which posts or pages to grab), and ends with a PHP “endwhile” statement. Everything in between is up to you. You can specify the output of titles, post content, metadata, custom fields and commenting all within the loop and each element is output for each post or page until the query is done. You can set up multiple loops and queries on a single page; for example: on a you could have the loop showing the entire content of a single post, with a loop outputting just titles and thumbnails for related posts below it.

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Thesis openhook header image

thesis openhook header image


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