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also a way to change certificate status to redeemed from the smart device without allowing access to the wp-admin.
For example, scan code, show drop down or button or even a form to type in the certificate code, for “redeem” on the mobile validation page linked to that php page that submits that certificate number for deactivation, and possibly a confirmation email to be sent (to myself and/or the facility that received the certificate) showing that it was redeemed.
This is something that I would definitely be willing to pay for within a reasonable time period. any help would be appreciated.

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I have written and written to every help group I saw–NO one has contacted me-I called 866-245-1400–said it was FB–on phone for 36 min–only to be told they wanted $219 to fix my computer–Please help me

It now faces incrementally fierce competition from deeper-pocketed rivals including FB, and continues to trade at a valuation that looks quite lofty to us, even considering yesterday's aftermarket selloff. Some had thought SNAP's initial quarters of monetization would follow more of a benign path given the potential for marketers to put experimental ad budgets to work on an app with a heavily engaged millennial user base, but YoY ad revenue/ARPU growth rates decelerated substantially once again, just as they did in the quarters leading up to the IPO. Revenue growth estimates will come down in our model, and as such, we maintain our Reduce rating and lower our Target Price to $14.

Thesis facebook plugin

thesis facebook plugin


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