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Kim received a National Science Foundation Early Career Development Award in 2004. In 2006, he was named as one of the " Scientific American 50 ", a list of individuals/organizations honored for their contributions to science and society during the preceding year. [10] Kim was awarded the 2008 Ho-Am Prize in Science "for his pioneering work on low-dimensional carbon nanostructures". [11] He received an IBM Faculty award in 2009. [12] In 2011, Kim won the Dresden Barkhausen Award. [13] In his Nobel Prize lecture, Andre Geim acknowledged the contribution of Philip Kim, saying, "I owe Philip a great deal for this, and many people heard me saying – before and after the Nobel Prize – that I would be honored to share it with him."

The premier biostatistical convention in North America, the  ENAR Spring Meeting is the annual meeting of the Eastern North American Region (ENAR) of the International Biometrics Society (IBS). The meeting covers a wide range of topics of interest to both researchers and practitioners, such as data science, genomics clinical trials, neuroimaging, biomarkers, health policy, electronic health records and epidemiology. Faculty and students in the Department of Biostatistics regularly participate in short courses, tutorials and roundtables and give invited talks, contributed talks, and poster presentations.

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