Sports gala essay

It’s not surprising that in Puritan Boston and Quaker Philadelphia, E. Digby Baltzell, the great Penn sociologist, characterized the intellectual Holmes, the brahmin son of a scholar, and the industrious, practical Johnson, whose father was a blacksmith, as the very men who best personified 19th-century Boston and Philadelphia, respectively. Both, of course, knew that they were in great company that night in Horticultural  Hall, but it’s doubtful that either could imagine he and his dinner companion would meet again, so very soon, in much different and historic circumstances.

The GOOP founder is not the only star to speak out about disliking the Met Gala. Amy Schumer, who went for her first time in 2016 famously said the event “felt like a punishment.” Lena Dunham, who attended in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2016, echoed Schumer’s sentiment  in a Lenny Letter essay, saying “I attempted to grind my ass on Michael B. Jordan for an additional twenty minutes and then left right after [Amy].” That said, the experience couldn’t have been  too scarring, as Dunham also returned  this year.

“Football was a much more dangerous sport when we played than it is today,” he writes. “Unfortunately, many of us from that era are now paying the price. I’ve been lucky so far and count my blessings daily. However, I realize I have some of the same risk factors as others who played on the gridiron. I continue to exercise, eat right and take supplements for good brain health. I have several aches and pains but I, basically, feel good and try to maintain a positive outlook on my future. I believe football is a safer game now. On one hand, I don’t like how new rules have changed the game I knew and played but if the changes truly make the game safer, then it’s worth it! I’ve always maintained (and sometimes with great controversy) kids shouldn’t play tackle football until junior high for a few reasons. In many cases, they are not well coached and, more importantly, not properly equipped. A child running around on a Pop Warner field with a sloppy helmet isn’t cute to me … it’s an outrage! Also, recent research points to young brains being at the highest risk of lasting effects from trauma. Young, developing brains cannot withstand that kind of hit without some repercussions sometime in their life (according to research I’ve read).”

Sports gala essay

sports gala essay


sports gala essaysports gala essaysports gala essaysports gala essay