Sapir-whorf thesis criticism

This is a poorly written, error-filled thesis: incomplete sentences, sloppy punctuation, occasional gibberish. It doesn’t speak well for the author or for . Examples: “When an infant is born, it is not unlike any other infant born, in fact, quite similar.” “The implications of language being completely entwined in culture, in regards for language teaching and language policy are far reaching.” “”… one must consider the cultural ideologies of all and every student, the teacher, as well as the culture in which the target language is being taught.” I’m astonished to find that the author is a native English-speaker.

For example there is an experiment from BBC 'Do you see what I see' that could reject critics concern. A person from BBC went to the tribe, Himba. The western experimenter showed 12 colors which only one color is different. The western person have shown 11 colors of -188-12(red,green,blue), and another color of -188-2(red,green,blue). Both colors seem 'green' and it is pretty hard to recognize the difference of us; nevertheless, the Himba recognize them without hesitation. In another experiment, the western person has shown 11 colors -95-65 and one color of -95-110. To the western, the two colors is

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Sapir-whorf thesis criticism

sapir-whorf thesis criticism


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