Romans and the christian worldview essay

G. Rattray Taylor,
British author

“The religions which developed these ideas were all based on a maternal figure, found under different names throughout a great part of the Near East.

To the Phoenicians she was Astarte; to the Phrygians, Cybele; to the Babylonians, Ishtar; to the Thracians, Bendis; to the Cretans, Rhea; to the Ephesians, Artemis; to the Canaanites, Atargatis; to the Persians, Anaitis; to the Cappadocians, Ma. But though her names differ, her attributes are the same - she is always the mother who succours and helps, and who bestows fertility.

This composite figure was generally known as Magna Mater, the great mother, and it was said that she was mother of all the other gods...

‘On certain days a multitude flocks to the temple, and the Galli in great numbers, sacred as they are, perform the ceremonies of the men and gash their arms and turn their backs to be lashed (I Kings 18:28).

Many bystanders play on the pipes, while many beat drums; others sing divine and sacred songs. All this performance takes place outside the temple... As the Galli sing and celebrate their orgies, frenzy falls on some of them, and many who had come as mere spectators afterwards are found to have committed the great act (self castration).”

Sex In History, Gordon Rattray Taylor, 1954, Book 3, ch 12.

A. She Gave Of Her Talent - Whatever it was that Phebe was good at, she dedicated that to the Lord and used it to be a blessing to the church. She helped Paul and she helped others. She was unselfish and not self-centered. She placed the needs of others first and made a difference in their lives for the glory of God. She took her life and placed it all on the altar for Jesus. She did what she could. This was what was said concerning Mary when she anointed the feet of Jesus, Mark 14:6 . Phebe didn't try to do everything, she just did what she could!

Romans and the christian worldview essay

romans and the christian worldview essay


romans and the christian worldview essayromans and the christian worldview essayromans and the christian worldview essayromans and the christian worldview essay