Referencing poetry in essays


Look again at the characters in the poem. How does the poem read if we change their names? Derek Drew could become: Barry Bore, or Timmy Twee; or Sharon Stare or Tracey Tease. Elicit responses to these new characters' names. How would a stanza sound or go if we put a new name in instead? Model for the children, and attempt a class poem, using shared writing. This could lead on to children writing stanzas with new names in pairs, or individually, depending on age, ability and experience.



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1977 Hertzog Prize for Poetry for Van vergetelheid en van glans
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Die mens tussen vergetelheid en glans by . Kannemeyer in Afrikaans, appearing in dbnl

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Copies of Rare Book Found 22 Years Later to be Unveiled at M&G Litfest on BOOK SA

Extraordinary find goes public by Lionel Faull in the Mail & Guardian

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Die Eland in Afrikaans

Referencing poetry in essays

referencing poetry in essays


referencing poetry in essaysreferencing poetry in essaysreferencing poetry in essaysreferencing poetry in essays