Questions essay holocaust

Menegele's experiments included placing subjects in pressure chambers, testing drugs on them, freezing them, attempting to change their eye color by injecting chemicals into children's eyes, and amputations and other surgeries. [57] Other experiments took place at Buchenwald , Dachau , Natzweiler , Neuengamme , Ravensbrück , Sachsenhausen , and elsewhere. Some dealt with sterilization of men and women, the treatment of war wounds, ways to counteract chemical weapons, research into new vaccines and drugs, and survival of harsh conditions. At least 7000 prisoners were subjected to these experiments; most died during them or afterwards. [58]

The story of Moshe the Beadle, with which Night opens, is perhaps the most painful example of the Jews’ refusal to believe the depth of Nazi evil. It is also a cautionary tale about the danger of refusing to heed firsthand testimony, a tale that explains the urgency behind Wiesel’s own account. Moshe, who escapes from a Nazi massacre and returns to Sighet to warn the villagers of the truth about the deportations, is treated as a madman. What is crucial for Wiesel is that his own testimony, as a survivor of the Holocaust, not be ignored. Moshe’s example in this section is a reminder that the cost of ignoring witnesses to evil is a recurrence of that evil.

Questions essay holocaust

questions essay holocaust


questions essay holocaustquestions essay holocaustquestions essay holocaustquestions essay holocaust