Project resource planning

The Climate Action Committee, a community-based group created by City Council, developed this 2013 Climate Action Plan as a roadmap for transitioning to a climate positive community. Work by the City and the College through the use of the recommended strategies and community outreach will create not only a climate positive community but also a community in which its residents live, learn, and document serves as the 2013 Climate Action Plan for the City of Oberlin.  This document along with the revised Oberlin College Climate Action plan will move the Oberlin Community from candidate status to participant status within the Climate Positive Development Program.

It is generally advantageous to introduce an explicit hierarchy of work activities for the purpose of simplifying the presentation and development of a schedule. For example, the initial plan might define a single activity associated with "site clearance." Later, this single activity might be sub-divided into "re-locating utilities," "removing vegetation," "grading", etc. However, these activities could continue to be identified as sub-activities under the general activity of "site clearance." This hierarchical structure also facilitates the preparation of summary charts and reports in which detailed operations are combined into aggregate or "super"-activities.

The project manager's job is to keep to the project time schedule and to keep the actual cost at or below the estimated cost, and use as little of the contingency as possible. The most common cause of exceeding the project budget is exceeding the time schedule. Meeting the project schedule does not guarantee that the project budget will be met, but it significantly increases the chances that it will. Apart from adequate planning, the best way to achieve this is to manage the project scope, and to not allow the project scope to "creep" upward without getting budget and/or schedule adjustments to match.

Project resource planning

project resource planning


project resource planningproject resource planningproject resource planningproject resource planning