Pro gay adoption research paper

No? Still not convinced? Well OK then, let’s cut to the chase. You don’t want to adopt from foster care because you want a womb-wet “newborn” so you can play “look I had a baby” because somehow you think that you “deserve” to be parents from stage one?  Look, champ, having a child is not something that people “deserve” to do like it’s a freaking prize in the game in Life.  It is something that people DO, because basically, it is natural and biological and how we perpetuate the species. We make people because we can. You cannot. Again, I AM sorry… and I DO understand that it sucks, but all the tea in China is not going to change that fact. Maybe you DID make a choice and waited just a wee bit too long before you choose to be “ready” to start a family. Maybe you need to accept your own choices and realize that someone else shouldn’t have to pay for the choice YOU made because they are younger and still fertile.  I hate to get all Darwinian on you, but did you ever think that MAYBE you can’t have kids because the weak are suppose to die out? Not to be a bitch, but the end of the line might be purposeful? No? Not buying it? Can’t even consider a nice mocha kid or sibling group from foster care, huh? I know, I know… too “damaged’, you are all a-scared… and then you have people patting you on the back for “knowing your limitations” and “making personal choices about how to grow your family”? Sorry, that’s just other people justifying their own choices so they feel better about what THEY did. It’s called getting smoke blown up your ass.

A key area of concern facing intersex people is that as infants they are often subjected to medical operations to "normalise" their genitalia and obscure their non-binary sex characteristics. [47] These procedures are criticised by intersex advocates on the basis that they compromise the individual rights to bodily autonomy, integrity and dignity, drawing parallels to female genital mutilation . [44] [48] In October 2013, the Australian Senate published a report entitled 'Involuntary or coerced sterilisation of intersex people in Australia'. The Senate found that "normalising" surgeries are taking place in Australia, often on infants and young children. [49] [50] [51] [52] [53] The report makes 15 recommendations, including ending cosmetic genital surgeries on infants and children and providing for legal oversight of individual cases. [49] The recommendations have not been implemented.

Pro gay adoption research paper

pro gay adoption research paper


pro gay adoption research paperpro gay adoption research paperpro gay adoption research paperpro gay adoption research paper