Pleasantville david essay

In the film, the two characters of Jennifer and David enter, through no choice of their own, a television show called Pleasantville. Here they acquire the aliases of children named Bud and Mary Sue. The town, however, doesn't stay pleasant for very long after their arrival as Jennifer can't cope with the living the life of a Pleasantvillian. By beginning to shake things up within the town and causing rebellion amongst the teens, she changes both the physical and psychological colors of the town. This uproar can almost seem to be a representation of the 1960's and the movements that came with the time.

The first instances of color occur from sexual experiences, something that had been unknown the town of Pleasantville, where married couples slept on separate twin beds and boyfriends and girlfriends held hands, once they had been steady for a while. Mary Sue first introduces her boyfriend, Skip Martin played by Paul Walker, to his first sexual experience. While driving home, he sees a rose in a bush that is “real red”. After this occurrence, Skip tells his teammates on the basketball team of his experiences, after which they all miss their baskets, something that had never happened before. With that turn, the Pleasantville universe is thrown of balance.

Pleasantville david essay

pleasantville david essay


pleasantville david essaypleasantville david essaypleasantville david essaypleasantville david essay