Personal memoir essay

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During my time at the hospital I served as a house-float which enabled me to work with every specialty of patients. As much as I loved learning about medicine, I loved getting to care for people and learn their stories even more. I laughed with a woman who joked about breaking her hip after falling at Belk because she was so excited to get to a sale. I witnessed what seventy years of marriage looks like as I helped a man clean his wife up so she would feel a little better. I sat with a child so his grandfather could go home to rest, and we spent the night talking about our dogs. I enjoyed getting to meet and make a difference to all of these people, but there are too many occasions where I wish I could have done more. I want to be a proactive leader in patients’ care plans from admittance to discharge. Getting to work with all different specialties was something I appreciated, and it is a quality that wanted in a future career. I researched the roles of doctors, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants, and it was only the latter that offers me both the versatility between specialties and the ability to be on the front line of patients’ care.

Personal memoir essay

personal memoir essay


personal memoir essaypersonal memoir essaypersonal memoir essaypersonal memoir essay