Overview of the research paper

The world of imaging is exploding! Imaging response criteria is rapidly expanding beyond RECIST. Images are read on new futuristic software platforms that utilizes cutting edge technology. Imaging data now comes fast and in volumes. And if that wasn’t enough, the imaging clinical trial world is filled with unheard terminology of in traditional clinical trials – Imaging Review Charter (IRC), Reader Rules, Adjudication, DICOM data, PACS, truth panels, inter- and intra- reader variability. On the surface, imaging data may seem like any other external data but with these new exciting advances, new challenges are created for the clinical data manager. This session will provide guidance on setting up, reviewing and reconciling imaging response criteria data, utilizing new clinical imaging technology to find imaging endpoints, and detail how to be a curator of clinical imaging data.

Overview of the research paper

overview of the research paper


overview of the research paperoverview of the research paperoverview of the research paperoverview of the research paper