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At some point during the broadcast, the segment " EA Sports Simulator" is shown. In this segment, a key game is simulated on the video game NCAA Football 08 and highlights and score are shown. After this, a short debate segment is held before the closing segment "Extra Points" which is the same as "Live feedback" except done with a timer. As Rece Davis' trademark opening line he says "and here's (random college mascot) to give me the new questions". The show is supposed to be the college version of NFL Live , but is actually more similar to NASCAR Now in that it focuses more on guests and debate than breaking news. It also is similar to the show in that the analysts do not appear on the whole program and only appear for the debate segments.

Hi Allan
Good to get your query re Noble Family of Blackwood. Yes I have some info for you. Was your ancestor William or John?
Was the wife of William, Ellen Beatty..? I have a daughter Eliza Jane born to them at Blackwood in 1858, and Ann in 1861, as well as Ellen born and died in Blackwood in 1863.
Oh just found the marriage of William to Ellen Beatty in 1850 in Melbourne – have you got these records..??? Could this be right if you have them arriving in Sydney in 1854.
I found the name Noble as a parent at the Simmons Reef school.

Norrie thesis

norrie thesis


norrie thesisnorrie thesisnorrie thesisnorrie thesis