Mice men climax essay

The last scene in the play is very effective in creating admiration for Blanche as she is sent away to a “State Institution”. We admire her character as she tells the truth about an event in which she was raped by Stanley but her sister does not believe her and sends her away. We know she is telling the truth so we admire her for trying to stand up for her argument and for once she has overcome her flaw and is facing reality. She says: “I have always depended on the kindness of strangers”thus creating sympathy for Blanche as it shows she could not count on her close family to be kind and shows what she has had to do all her life in order to survive. This creates admiration for Blanche.

Mice men climax essay

mice men climax essay


mice men climax essaymice men climax essaymice men climax essaymice men climax essay