Lab report on osmosis

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Discussion and Conclusion:
During Lab 1A, the data suggests what molecules can and cannot diffuse across a selectively permeable membrane. The coloration showed that the Iodine Potassium Iodide was small enough to pass through the pores of the membrane because the color of this indicator moved from within the beaker to in the bag. Water and glucose moved out because water is small enough to pass through the membrane and the glucose tested positive with the Testape inside the beaker. The glucose at the beginning was only in the bag, so it obviously moved out.

The thing is, with steaks, moisture loss is due to one thing: muscle fibers tightening due to the application of heat and squeezing out their liquid. Unless you actually manage to completely pierce or slash these muscle fibers, the moisture they lose is directly proportional to the temperature to which you cook your steak. A fork is simply not sharp enough to harm muscle fibers in any significant way. Yes, you'll see a minuscule amount of juices seeping their way out of the fork holes, but it's a really negligible amount. Indeed, that's why the many-bladed tenderizing tool known as a Jaccard is able to tenderize your meat without causing it to lose any excess moisture—it separates muscle fibers, but doesn't actually cut them or open them up.

Lab report on osmosis

lab report on osmosis


lab report on osmosislab report on osmosislab report on osmosislab report on osmosis