Hypothesis sample

A comparison of this sort is very common in medicine and social science. To evaluate the effects of some intervention, program, or treatment, a group of subjects is divided into two groups. The group receiving the treatment to be evaluated is referred to as the treatment group, while those who do not are referred to as the control or comparison group. In this example, mothers who are part of the prenatal care program to reduce the likelihood of low birthweight is the treatment group, with a control group comprised of women who do not take part in the program.

Well, it seems not. In fact, we know that the sample mean \(\overline{X}\) is a good estimate of the real population mean \(\mu\), especially if the sample size is large, like in this case. So, it would be reasonable to expect the true value of \(\mu\) to be around (not exactly, but around). Considering all this, a claim that states that \(\mu = \) doesn’t seem to be supported by the evidence.

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Hypothesis sample

hypothesis sample


hypothesis samplehypothesis samplehypothesis samplehypothesis sample