Homeschool vs regular school essay

Our popular Saturday and Sunday afternoon sessions for young people and families.  Think moms and dads and kids and birthday parties.  Great fun, games, four corners, the hokey-pokey, backwards skate, couples (we call it "buddies and partners," 2 or 3 people holding hands), the races,  and prizes.  Admission: $6 (spectating parents and grandparents welcome, no charge);  Skate Rental: $4 (regular, speed, and inline).  Snackbar will be open. Please remember that everyone in the building is required to have skates on (except spectating parents, grandparents & babies and non-skating toddlers three or four and under).  The Aurora Skate Center is not available for hanging out.

Each week, students will tackle math puzzles, challenges, and learn new "tricks" and techniques to solve a variety of math problems, all while learning about the masterminds behind founding principles of modern mathematics. Students will learn about the life and times of a great mathematician and then explore key concepts, principles, and formulas introduced by the featured master. Students' problem solving skills will be honed as they examine the historical, cultural, and personal context for discoveries in mathematics. The class will work sample problems and use experiments and manipulatives to demonstrate the formulas, theories, short-cuts, or alternate approaches suggested by famous mathematicians. Students will be exposed to a wide variety of math terms, concepts, and patterns from the great problem solvers including Eratosthenes, Napier, Polya, and Babbage. Future quarters will explore: the ancient scientists Archimedes, Newton, Keplar, and Galileo (3rd quarter, 2018); and the Modern Thinkers including Fermat, Euler, Galois, and Noether (4th quarter, 2018)

Homeschool vs regular school essay

homeschool vs regular school essay


homeschool vs regular school essayhomeschool vs regular school essayhomeschool vs regular school essayhomeschool vs regular school essay