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Hi Sam! That’s a tough one! Part of me would say honestly, embrace the tears. As long as they’re good tears. In terms of ideas, I’d say possibly incorporating something Dad did or said into the ceremony would be very meaningful. Whether that’s a story from when your niece was little that showed Dad’s love for his girl or something more recent. I’d suggest trying for something with a funny or happy ending to keep it light, and then moving on with the rest of the program so that the focus stays on the moment they’re in.

SIR—At times just one sentence in The Economist can give us hours of enjoyment, such as “Yet German diplomats in Belgrade failed to persuade their government that it was wrong to think that the threat of international recognition of Croatia and Slovenia would itself deter Serbia.”
During my many years as a reader of your newspaper, I have distilled two lessons about the use of our language. Firstly, it is usually easier to write a double negative than it is to interpret it. Secondly, unless the description of an event which is considered to be not without consequence includes a double or higher-order negative, then it cannot be disproven that the writer has neglected to eliminate other interpretations of the event which are not satisfactory in light of other possibly not unrelated events which might not have occurred at all.
For these reasons, I have not neglected your timely reminder that I ought not to let my subscription lapse. It certainly cannot be said that I am an unhappy reader.

Guide writing argumentative essay

guide writing argumentative essay


guide writing argumentative essayguide writing argumentative essayguide writing argumentative essayguide writing argumentative essay