Gmat awa issue essay

The test consists of three parts- Quantitative section, the Analytical Writing Assessment, and Verbal Section.
1. GMAT Analytical Writing Assessment: the test begins with this section (AWA). Two writing tasks are included in this section- Analysis of an Argument and Analysis of an Issue. 30 minutes are allotted to complete each essay.
2. GMAT Quantitative Section: an optional 10 minute break is there after the AWA. This section has 37 questions (multiple choice questions). The questions are of two types- Data Sufficiency and Problem Solving. Time allotted is 75 minutes.
3. Verbal Section: a second optional 10 minutes break is there after which this section begins. There are 41 multiple choice questions in his section. The questions are of three types- Sentence Correction, Critical Reasoning, and Reading Comprehension. Time allotted is 75 minutes.

@Mounica : I strongly feel that an MBA should be taken up after having a fair amount of real world experience. So my vote goes to the GMAT option, but only after a few years.

@Akshita: You must be the youngest person to comment on our site. But I’m afraid I wouldn’t be the right person to advise you on CAT based options. We focus on GMAT programs, which require 4-5 years of corporate experience on an average.

@Roshan: Don’t mix up the GMAT and CAT. Choose one and focus. If you are confused, that’s a good signal to defer the MBA plans.

Gmat awa issue essay

gmat awa issue essay


gmat awa issue essaygmat awa issue essaygmat awa issue essaygmat awa issue essay