Frankenstein vs monster essay

     The monster’s creator clearly had intentions on creating him, but unfortunately didn’t take into consideration the consequences.  At this point in the story, he really regrets creating him, because he already killed someone, and he’s just so destructive.  Even though he worked extremely hard on the monster, he didn’t expect him to turn out the way he did.  His creation, however, is confused and wandering around.  He has no idea what he is doing, and how destructive he really is.  The monster is not going to be able to understand what people around him are doing.  He’s going to be very confused.  He feels as though he has some sort of connection with Frankenstein in the beginning, because he was the first person he saw.  The monster tries to communicate with Frankenstein, and the monster thinks he’s just talking to him in his own type of language.  He doesn’t know that he is really frightening Frankenstein.  Overall, the monster will realize that he is a little bit different, and he’ll basically just live his life wandering why these beings are so afraid of him.

The novel of Frankenstein steps forward to continue the discussion of Love and Hate interrelations, by expositing a mixture of good interconnected intention considering the personal sanctuary and social acceptance. Then, the character of Victor Frankenstein and of his created Monster, are all agreed to share an inclination to love, and to be loved, but their loving intentions are however, swiftly transformed to hate, grudge and then to isolation at the end. Specifically, Love and Hate join up through the characterizational similarities of both Victor Frankenstein against The Monster. So far hate on the other hand, interconnected with the consequences of the dissimilar environments!

Frankenstein vs monster essay

frankenstein vs monster essay


frankenstein vs monster essayfrankenstein vs monster essayfrankenstein vs monster essayfrankenstein vs monster essay