Fires of jubilee essay

"It has been a difficult year for this country in many ways despite the successes. The world witnessed the anguish of Australians as they lived through a summer of national disasters. We were all inspired by the courage and resolution shown by those affected in the face of crippling desolation. Ever since I first came here in 1954 I have watched Australia grow and develop at an extraordinary rate. This country has made dramatic progress economically in social scientific and industrial endeavours and above all in self-confidence." [20]

The Brule River State forest was established in 1907 with a land gift from Fredrick Weyerhaeuser’s Nebagmon Lumber Company.  In 1929, the Wisconsin DAR acquired 320 acres near Brule with the financial support of the Ah Da Wa Gam Chapter along with all other daughter chapters of the Wisconsin DAR .  ON September 1, 1930, this tract was dedicated and turned over to the state and is still part of the state forest plan today.  WI DAR financial support continued through the 1930’s and beginning in 1930, 2,000 seeding trees were planted annually at Brule.  In the 1940’s, with the advent of the war, WI DAR focus turned to support of the war effort projects and the WI DAR tract of land was absorbed into the Wisconsin state forest plan.

Early in 1869, therefore, Mr. Goyder, Surveyor-General of the province, was sent out by the Government with a strong and well-appointed party, to complete the survey with all possible despatch, and to select a site for the first township. His instructions were elastic, and absolute confidence was reposed in him. No better man could possibly have been selected for the task. Difficulties which had baffled his predecessors vanished before him; he and the whole of his staff worked together with hearty good will and without dissension of any kind, and it was generally acknowledged that "had Mr. Goyder been sent out in the first instance the colony would have been saved the shameful disasters which attended the first attempts to settle the Northern Territory, and the large sums of moneys which they cost, and which were extravagantly wasted in the most reckless way."

Fires of jubilee essay

fires of jubilee essay


fires of jubilee essayfires of jubilee essayfires of jubilee essay