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In fact, the DSM, which is the definitive resource of diagnostic criteria for all mental disorders, includes criteria for drug use disorders, distinguishing between two types: drug abuse and drug dependence. Drug dependence is synonymous with addiction. By comparison, the criteria for drug abuse hinge on the harmful consequences of repeated use but do not include the compulsive use, tolerance (., needing higher doses to achieve the same effect), or withdrawal (., symptoms that occur when use is stopped) that can be signs of addiction.

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Full text search engines can index all HTML metadata or gather data from multiple database fields or tables. Full text search wipes out the value of the metadata: a number 3 is just a number, not a size, price, product ID or other meaningful number, as it is in context of the tagged page or database record. Similarly, it's hard to know whether a recipe, for example, has chili pepper as a significant ingredient or minor flavoring. While many searches are just fine without that information, there are other cases where providing that context would be extremely helpful.

Faceted search research papers

faceted search research papers


faceted search research papersfaceted search research papersfaceted search research papersfaceted search research papers