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Eating magnesium on its own would be very difficult so we would eat it in some compound, . magnesium chloride. There are many sugars and each one is composed of an arrangement of Carbon atoms, Hydrogen atoms and Oxygen atoms. Hence they are called Carbo-hydr-ates. The simplest sugar is called Glucose and when it is present in fruit it is called Fructose. Glucose and Fructose are called Primary sugars. Cane sugar is a Secondary sugar and is the sugar we put on the table generally. Tertiary sugars are not actually even sweet. One example is Starch as in potatoes and flour. Now I hope I have not confused you so far and that you are still with me. It sounds a little pretentious but please ‘take notes’ up to now. If YOU write out what I have just described in your own way, I think it will be easier to remember for the next step.

5. Do not let yourself go into denial about what is happening. It’s very easy right now to look at groups of white supremacists marching with Nazi flags, giving Nazi salutes, and chanting Nazi slogans, and just mentally check out because it’s too much to deal with and it doesn’t directly affect you. It’s very easy to see Trump, who has viciously insulted virtually every other group and individual imaginable, refuse to outright condemn neo-Nazi violence , and think, “There’s no way the president of the United States could really be pro-Nazi, is there?” Please don’t, especially if you’re white. When you go into denial and say things like, “Oh, they don’t really mean it, they’re just trying to shock people” or “These people are on the fringes, they can’t do that much damage,” you’re doing exactly what the white supremacists want. (In fact, here’s a screenshot of them explicitly saying so.)

6. Be very clear, in your social circles and on social media, that you consider being a white supremacist shameful, unacceptable, and inexcusable. Say loud and proud that you’re against white supremacy, neo-Nazis, the KKK, and the alt-right. Say that it’s shameful Trump won’t condemn them. Memorialize and honor Heather Heyer, who gave her life protesting them. Per the aforementioned screenshot , neo-Nazis deliberately try to keep their real goals secret in order not to scare normal people away. They’re afraid of social opinion turning against them. So turn social opinion against them.

Essays of eb white ebook

essays of eb white ebook


essays of eb white ebookessays of eb white ebookessays of eb white ebookessays of eb white ebook