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Rapcore , punk rap or hip punk is a fusion genre of hip hop and punk rock or hardcore punk . [67] [68] [69] [70] [71] Beastie Boys , formerly a hardcore punk group, began working in the hip hop genre. Their debut album, Licensed to Ill , largely featured a rock-based sound. [72] Biohazard is considered to be a strong influence on the genre's development. [73] Huntington Beach -based punk band Hed PE performs a fusion of styles ranging from hip hop and reggae to punk rock, hardcore punk and heavy metal . [74] Although they are considered to be performers in the rapcore genre, [75] they refer to their musical style as "G-punk". [76] [77] Kottonmouth Kings perform a style which they refer to as " psychedelic hip-hop punk rock". [4] The earliest formative rapcore bands were 311 , Dog Eat Dog , Rage Against the Machine , and Every Day Life . [78] Professional critic Mark Allan Powell considers the rap rock song " Jesus Freak " by DC Talk , which was marginalized by many critics due to its Christian lyrical content, the turning point of when the popularity of grunge gave way to rapcore. [78]

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I won’t pretend I was present when Hip Hop began. I first engaged with Hip Hop music about ten years after its birth, when the culture was still a kid. I’d graduated from college and was working at a bank in Los Angeles. A year later, bored as hell, I quit. On a whim, I rented an abandoned hall and started booking shows. My policy was to provide a stage for the music that promoters were ignoring: punk-rock, reggae, and rap. It turned out to be a winning strategy. One of my very first shows included RUN DMC, and they absolutely KILLED IT. Following the success of those shows, I left LA for NYC and started working for Russell Simmons, who appointed me road manager for RUN DMC just as they were embarking on a European tour. It was December of 1984 and they found nothing but love on both sides of the English Channel. A month later, RUN DMC, along with Kurtis Blow, the Fat Boys, and Whodini, started touring massive arenas across the .. To the rock establishment and corporate music business, hip hop was little more than a fad. But with acts selling out shows around the globe night after night, it was obvious that something bigger was brewing...

Essay music rap

essay music rap


essay music rapessay music rapessay music rapessay music rap