Essay meteorological observation

The choice between using a packaged or a personalized field trip is similar to the choices made in the planning of a real-life excursion. For instance, if students go to a museum and are required to take a predetermined tour supplied by that museum, with no alterations or changes based on their classroom curriculum, that would be considered a real-life packaged field trip. However, if the teacher talks to the museum personnel and has the tour tailored to meet the specific curricular goals of the class, that is a personalized field trip.

At the district level, the District Magistrate/Collector/Commissioner carries out all government plans and activities for disaster management. A District Management Committee is set up under the District Magistrate with officials from the Health, Irrigation, Veterinary, Water and Sanitation Departments, etc. and representatives of NGOs as members of this Committee. It helps in the preparation of District Disaster Management Plan and appoints District Management Teams which are action groups trained in latest technologies of natural disasters like the health and fire services, etc.

Essay meteorological observation

essay meteorological observation


essay meteorological observationessay meteorological observationessay meteorological observationessay meteorological observation