Essay julius caesar shakespeare

Ultimately, Julius Caesar was a man of great care and charisma who also desired power, but above all, wanted to witness the citizens of Rome thrive under his authority. When he defeated Pompey's army and gained control of all of Rome, he began to establish reforms intended to make the people of Rome happier and more prosperous at all levels of society. He quickly became beloved by his citizens and gained incredible popularity among the Roman people. His increasing popularity and power became a grave threat to a group of Senates who were worried they would lose all of their power. The conspirators who feared the Caesar, created a plot to murder Rome's greatest political figure. Led by Marcus Brutus and Gaius Cassius, the group of conspirators butchered Caesar until his death on the footsteps of the statue of Pompey. The motive clearly influencing these two men to kill Caesar was undeniably at the personal level. Their personal hatred towards Caesar is what led to the fall of Rome some five hundred years later. Julius Caesar made many key contribution to make Rome as successful and as powerful as it was. The chaos that ensued after his death, and the ultimate collapse of Rome, proves that his assassination was indeed a tragedy.

In Julius Caesar, the audience is able to see both the private and public sides of Caesar and Brutus. Caesar is a powerful confident man who leads great armies and effectively rules the Roman empire, yet he is not without weakness. He is highly superstitious, suffers from epilepsy, and ultimately proves to be human when murdered by his closest friends. Similarly, Brutus is strong and refuses to show weakness when in public, whether it be speaking to the plebeians or leading an army into battle. However, we see through his intimate conversations with his wife Portia and with Cassius, that Brutus is often unsure and greatly pained. Specifically, after fleeing Rome, Brutus learns that his wife has committed suicide, and is heartbroken when discussing it with Cassius. However, as soon as soldiers enter his tent, he pretends to not know of her death, and when told of it, does not react with great emotion.

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Essay julius caesar shakespeare

essay julius caesar shakespeare


essay julius caesar shakespeareessay julius caesar shakespeareessay julius caesar shakespeareessay julius caesar shakespeare