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In 1586, Sir Francis Walsingham discovered another plot that also involved assassinating Elizabeth I and having Mary Queen of Scot s rule instead. It was also supported by Philip II from Spain, and led by a man called Sir Anthony Babington. Sir Francis discovered the Babington Plot by reading secret letters between Mary and the plotters – they were written in code, so he had to decipher that first. Mary and the plotters didn’t know that Sir Francis was reading their letters, which were sent back and forth in waterproof cases inside beer barrels.

In the 1600s, baby boys and girls dressed in the same way. Boys and girls wore gowns (one piece garments covering the whole body) with long sleeves and long skirts. When babies were learning to walk, long strips of fabric called “ leading strings ” were sewn into the shoulders of their gowns. A parent or older child held the strings. If the baby stumbled, the older person pulled the strings to help the baby balance. A toddler might wear a “ pudding ” – a padded roll – around his forehead. If he fell, the roll would protect his head from bumps and bruises. Babies also wore biggins on their heads. Biggins were made of wool or linen and tied under the chin. They kept the baby’s head warm. Babies wore aprons over their gowns to help keep their gowns clean.

England homework help

england homework help


england homework helpengland homework helpengland homework helpengland homework help