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In 1951, Griswold became President of Yale University, serving until his death in 1963. [11] [9] Griswold was unaware of his imminent rise to the presidency. The day of his elevation, he told his wife, "Thank God we're not in that racket," after they had lunched with a friend, the president of Mount Holyoke College . [12] As president, Griswold is credited with tripling the university endowment to $375 million, building 26 new buildings and establishing research fellowships for young scholars, particularly in the sciences. [13] He was arguably Yale's first modern president, and was widely quoted in the national media for his views on foreign affairs, amateur athletics, academic freedom, and in defense of the liberal arts against government intrusion. [14] Griswold also worked in successful collaboration with Nathan Pusey , his counterpart at Harvard, to maintain amateurism in athletics among universities known now as the Ivy League . [15]

Eli whitney research paper

eli whitney research paper


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