Edward abbey eco defense essay

In December 1944, the Germans ran a false flag sabotage infiltration, Operation Greif , which was commanded by Waffen-SS commando Otto Skorzeny during the Battle of the Bulge . German commandos , wearing US Army uniforms , carrying US Army weapons, and using US Army vehicles, penetrated US lines to spread panic and confusion among US troops and to blow up bridges, ammunition dumps , and fuel stores and to disrupt the lines of communication. Many of the commandos were captured by the Americans. Because they were wearing US uniforms, a number of the Germans were executed as spies, either summarily or after military commissions . [25]

    James M. Cahalan is the author of Edward Abbey: A Life . He lives in Abbey's hometown, where he is a professor of English at Indiana University of Pennsylvania .

This article first appeared (in slightly abridged form) in the Mabon (September-October) 2003 issue of Earth First!  The Radical Environmental Journal and reappears here with kind permission of its editors. For more information, visit http:// .  Reader comments

Edward abbey eco defense essay

edward abbey eco defense essay


edward abbey eco defense essayedward abbey eco defense essayedward abbey eco defense essayedward abbey eco defense essay