Creative handwriting

This is a great site and im so glad i found it.
Could you please email me with the standard handwriting and traditional script for the word “Diary” or “Journal” as I want it on the front of my new diary i have mad.
I really want to learn Vulcan and I think this site is a great starting point.
Of all the second languages I start to learn it’s Vulcan 😀
My family think im a freak but i think this is a beautiful language i want to learn it.
i eventually want to keep my diary in Vulcan and be able to have a decent conversation in Vulcan.

My brother was telling me that he had heard this on PBR radio. We both graduated from parochial school in the 1960s and cursive was called penmanship. He had never heard of the term cursive! My penmanship teacher was Sister Maxima (and she’s a whole other story) and she had the most beautiful handwriting I have ever seen. She did calligraphy and wrote on the inside cover of my Daily Missal. Over the years it has disappeared but I have often wished I still had it. I have a friend, Sandy, in Shawnee, OK, who also does calligraphy and I have saved every card, envelope, bookmark, name plaque, etc., she has ever given me. I love revisting my collection of her work! I, too, consider handwriting an art. Long live cursive!
Love you!
. I can write my name in cursive upside down and backwards!

Creative handwriting

creative handwriting


creative handwritingcreative handwritingcreative handwritingcreative handwriting