Coursework english major

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Sustainability : A minimum of 18 graduation credits (9 of which must be in coursework at or above the 300 level), including at least 3 credits in each of 3 categories:
(i) Natural/Physical Sciences: A ATM 304, A BIO 102, A BIO 120, A BIO 222, A BIO 311, A BIO 327, A BIO 427, A ENV 105, A ENV 450, A GOG 201.
(ii) Social Sciences/Humanities: A ANT 334, A ANT 414, A ECO 110, A GLO 103, A GOG 344, A GOG 350, A HIS 276, A HIS 277, A HIS 317, A HIS 329, A HIS 407, A WSS 430Z.
(iii) Planning: A ECO 385, A GOG/A USP 125, A GOG/A USP 220, A GOG/A USP 225, A GOG/A USP 430, A PHI 365, A USP 201, A USP 432.

Coursework english major

coursework english major


coursework english majorcoursework english majorcoursework english majorcoursework english major