Audison thesis amp

Not sure if you're being sarcastic there....

Anyway, have spoken to Lee @ Sonic - top bloke, he even told me a few things I never expected an installer to tell a potential customer. Refreshing to hear someone giving advice that could easily mean they end up with less money in their own pocket.

Had a few people talking to me about AudioWave stuff, being a bit of a philistine with limited access to hear demos etc I've largely followed the status quo buying equipment that "has a famous name I've heard of". I realise that's not ideal but hey-ho...

Looking at Audiowave's website it looks like they only do a mono and dual mono amp - not quite sure how I would be able to use their equipment when I have 7 speakers (3 way active + subwoofer) to amplify. Having an amp per pair of speakers seems a bit overkill - but maybe it isn't?

Audison thesis amp

audison thesis amp


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